The Everybody Goes to School – project

The Everybody Goes to School – project   is a model to prevent school dropouts and marginalisation, which operates as an optional subject in the comprehensive school. The model is for pupils from 8th and 9th grade. The aim is to develop a new process to recognize any possible dropouts in an early stage. After which the chosen young are put in to action and included in their own school’s two (2) year lasting gender-sensitive groups of girls and boys – these are groups to mature in.

The project supports school progression, socialisation and encourages the youth to find their own path in life as well as their vision for the future. The groups gather weekly in the youth house nearby their school. From there they plan and do visits to schools, different hobbies and other places of interest to the youth involved. The youth them self are involved in taking an active part in the planning of the group’s activities.

In the end of last spring semester 32 out of 33 young people got admitted to further education and one repeated the 9th grade. The follow up of the project shows that following autumn youth were still in their schools.

The Everybody Goes to School – project   is led and ran by a multi professional networking team with representatives from the following departments: education, youth and social and health care department. The groups are led by youth workers, teachers and if needed by a social instructor.

Targets to develop year 2015 are e.g. the ongoing development of the reconciliation and valuation of the project (of both youth and workers). Furthermore, our aim is to augment the possibilities of the youth to participate by organising Future – work shops and by continuing doing video clips regarding ideas and initiatives in doing school a better place. It is important to listen to the young as they are the best, experts by experience of the problems at school. Their opinions and ideas are brought forward with the youth together to the headmasters and decision makers in the education department.

In Helsinki autumn 2014 there was 80 youth in the different maturity groups and autumn 2015 there are at least 150. During year 2015 4-5 new groups are founded in new schools in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland there will be activity in 13 schools.

The Everybody Goes to School – project   is a significant / prominent new, innovative process, which is cost effective and requires no new vacancies, but some new arrangements in the working habits of the local employees. In the current situation of economic decline it is sensible to gather together the resources of the different departments to prevent school dropouts already inside the comprehensive school to so support and make the transition to the second degree education easier and fluent for the young.

Further – and contact information

Päivi Anunti, puh. 050 – 5591725.

Manager Malmi-Pukinmäki Youth Work Unit
Ritva Varelius,, puh. 041-5121733.

Head master, Education Department, Vartiokylä comprehensive school, upper stage
Katriina Aaltio,, puh.040-3348657